PA Group’s Premier Trust Doubles Brazilian Contributions in Second Year

Follows Up by Beginning Third Year Strong

Since being officially recognized by the Brazilian C.V.M. on May 31, 2012 through a partnership with Bullmark Financial Group, Premier Trust, a division of PA Group, has produced two very prosperous years. After a solid first year where Brazil represented 40% of the total new plans written, year two’s new contributions were 103% higher than in the first year. Much of this success has been attributed to Premier Trust’s partnership with Bullmark Financial Group.

“We knew it was important to collaborate with a strong, local financial consulting firm in the region.” Jorge Falcon, Executive Vice-President of PA Group.

If the month of June is indicative of the continued success of Premier Trust in Brazil, the company has much to be excited about. Compared to June of 2013, in June of 2014 it wrote more than three times the number of policies and the new plan contributions were 186% higher than they were in the previous year.

“We are excited! Our agents are reporting great interest in our Premier Trust Products. We believe that the early prosperity in our third year is a sign of things to come.” – Bullmark Financial Group.

Premier Trust is taking necessary steps to increase its presence in the emerging markets including South America, China, and the Middle East, as well as Europe. Premier Trust believes that advancements in technology as well as new investment options will be crucial in these efforts. Based on its current rate of growth, contributions are expected to double by the end of 2014.

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