Delivery, Payment, Return Terms

Order processing and delivery

Trust Pharmacy assigns the status “Order Accepted” after an order is placed. Our manager can get in touch with you during business hours to confirm the order or to clarify specifics. At this point, you can call the hotline to change or cancel the items of your order if you realize you forgot to add something.

You’ll be notified of the change in order status after the beginning of order batching in the warehouse. An email containing the order number, a list of the items in the order, their prices, and an estimated delivery date will be sent to you if notification alerts are enabled in your personal account. Following assembly, the order is dispatched for delivery, and you are notified through email.

The usual delivery time is 3–14 days. In some cases, delivery is possible within 1–2 days after placing the order. If your order was placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will try to deliver it to the pharmacy you specified on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. In some regions, delivery may take up to 30 days, depending on the distance to which the pharmacies are located. The estimated delivery time of your order is indicated in your personal account.

Payment methods and prices

Your online order must be paid online. Information on the procedure for paying for ordered goods must be clarified before making the payment. The price of the drugs doesn’t include the delivery charges. The price of the delivery depends on the country and region of the shipment. Usually, you can get your order for $30, but the delivery fee within Canada, the USA and the UK is $10.

Trust Pharmacy discount cards and other discounts are usually applied to online orders, moreover, we have the right to provide customers with additional discounts on online orders.

Return Policy

All claims regarding goods included in an online order are accepted withing 10 days after getting your order. When receiving an order, be sure to check the compliance with what was ordered, the quantity of goods, their prices, integrity, color (if the site had the ability to select the color of the product), expiration dates.

You can refuse a delivered order and its payment in the following cases:

  • the delivered product does not correspond to what was ordered;
  • the product is damaged due to damage to the integrity of the packaging;
  • The product is damaged due to the packaging not matching the nature of the contents and the shipping conditions (with the exception of temperature requirements).

Please, contact us before returning your order or part of the order by e-mail or telephone. The cost of the medicines will be returned to you after we get the order to the warehouse. A refund is not available where loss, damage, or delay occur as a result of an inaccurate delivery address that was provided to us.