Unit-linked insurance plans

With our clients always in mind, our unit-linked plans are designed to provide financial growth opportunities tailored to meet their financial objectives.

What Flexible means for you

Our Flexible plans have been designed to give you more freedom and control over your plan, through a series of benefits that will allow you access to make your own unit allocations and make changes to your plan according to your needs. These plans have a flexible structure with fewer restrictions while offering greater potential benefits. However, it also involves active monitoring and market knowledge, to maximize the benefit of the plan. These plans give you the possibility of structuring a customized unit-linked portfolio that suits you.

Access to the world’s leading asset managers through our performance benchmarks

Through our Flexible plans, clients not only enjoy the freedom to create their own unit allocations, but also benefit from recognized asset managers with proven results and industry expertise. Their sophisticated research and analytics capabilities gives an edge over clients monitoring the performance of their own money. BlackRock Franklin Templeton Morgan Stanley Alliance Bernstein

Solutions designed to meet every need

Our plans provide you with a unique range of benefits to help you clear financial concerns and design a future that includes you, your family, and your loved ones.

Premier Lump Sum

Maximum Flexibility and Control

A flexible lump sum plan which allows clients to create their own unit allocations from a variety of performance benchmarks.

Key features
  • Plan maturity of 5, 7 or 10 years
  • Selection of up to ten (10) funds
  • Capability to make partial surrenders

Provest Regular Savings

Freedom and Choice

A regular savings program offering potential for growth and allowing you to adjust unit allocations to meet life’s changing needs.

Key features
  • Long term plan options to 15, 20 or 25 years
  • Selection of up to five (5) funds
  • Extra allocation bonuses to boost your savings

Stay on track with your plan and get rewarded

As a token of recognition to your commitment, we offer loyalty bonuses to help you grow your savings further. These bonuses vary according to the maturity of the plan you choose and will be applied to the plan at the end of year 10 in any of the plans.