A goal-driven opportunity

Our plans provide a unique range of benefits that can help simplify your financial concerns and help you design a future to include you, your family, and your loved ones.

Whether your objective is to save for that special thing you always wanted, or for your children’s education, we have designed several plans which can be highly customized to your specific situation.

New Horizon
A plan ideal for investors seeking to shorten their investment horizon by rolling over existing plans to secure a guaranteed return.

A flexible lump sum plan which allows investors to create their own portfolio from a variety of world-class investment managers.
Premier Principal Protection
An opportunity for stock market growth without market risk.

A regular savings program offering potential for growth and allowing you to adjust investments to meet life’s changing needs.
Provest Principal Protection
A long-term regular contribution plan with access to stock market investments and a minimum guaranteed return plan maturity.
Provest 10 Principal Protection
With an establishment period of 10 years & a principal protection of 125% at maturity. Ideal for medium-term goals such as funding education or early retirement.