Provest 10 Principal Protection
Security and Innovation

This plan has an establishment period of 10 years with a principal protection of 125% at plan maturity. It is ideal for medium-term financial goals such as funding education, a new business venture or an early retirement.

This plan offers:

      • Principal Protection**
        • 125% of Contributions (Year 10)
      • Annual returns linked to internationally recognized Stock Market indices
      • Selection of up to five (5) indices for maximum diversification across the globe***
        • S&P 500
        • MSCI ACWI IMI
        • EURO STOXX 50
        • S&P Asia 50
        • MSCI Emerging Markets IMI
        • MSCI EAFE
        • MSCI World
        • FTSE 100
      • Flexibility to make additional contributions to leverage favorable market conditions
      • 100% participation in the growth of indices selected



*Certain conditions apply to the Loyalty Bonus. There is no loyalty bonus credited before the end of year 10. For further information please consult the Trust and Plan documents.
**This protection includes loyalty bonuses. All contributions must be made as per the signed illustration to quality for guarantee. The underlying Principal
Protection is derived from Structured Notes provided by financial institutions rated A or better by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s or Fitch. The investor is facing Issuer/Counterparty Risk of these institutions. An insolvency of these institutions could lead to a partial or total loss of the capital invested by the investor. Please see plan documents for further details. Partial withdrawals and/or policy loans void the principal protection.
***Each index selected must be available in the chosen plan currency.