Provest 10 Principal Protection
Security and Innovation

This plan has an establishment period of 10 years with a principal protection of 125% at plan maturity. It is ideal for medium-term financial goals such as funding education, a new business venture or an early retirement.

This plan offers:

  • Principal Protection**
    • 125% of Contributions (Year 10)
  • Annual returns linked to internationally recognized Stock Market indices
  • Selection of up to five (5) indices selected as performance benchmark for maximum diversification across the globe***
    • S&P 500
    • EURO STOXX 50
    • S&P Asia 50
    • MSCI Emerging Markets IMI
    • MSCI World
    • FTSE 100
  • Flexibility to make additional contributions to leverage favorable market conditions
  • 100% participation in the growth of indices selected as performance benchmark



*Certain conditions apply to the Loyalty Bonus. There is no loyalty bonus credited before the end of year 10. For further information please consult the Trust and Plan documents.

**This protection includes loyalty bonuses. All contributions must be made as per the signed illustration to qualify for the principal protection benefit. The Company utilizes a diversified strategy to derive its principal protection. The investment instruments utilized include, but are not limited to, Structured Notes issued by A-Rated Institutions, Covered Call Strategies, ETF Hedged Covered Calls, and Enhanced Dividend Income Managed Accounts. Structured Notes are issued by ThirdParty Financial Institutions Rated A or higher by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and/or Fitch. The policyholder is facing Issuer/Counterparty and Investment Risk of these Institutions. Insolvency of the Issuer/Counterparty could lead to a partial ortotal loss of the capital invested by the investor. Please see plan documents for further details. Partial withdrawals and/or policy loans void the principal protection.

***Each index selected must be available in the chosen plan currency.

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