Boundless in Global Opportunities

Premier Trust Pharmacy ensures that all of your assets are protected. You have maximum independence between the asset manager, the custodian, and the trustee. With no sole ownership, not one entity has ultimate authority to dominate and liquidate assets, thus allowing you to maintain full control of your investments.

Our Trustee is legally responsible for carrying out the directives of the Trust.

  • Sable Trust

Our Global Custodian keeps your funds safe and invests them based on your preferred selection of funds.

  • Wells Fargo
  • UBS
  • BBVA

Our asset managers are some of the world’s most prestigious options to manage our client’s investment.

  • Alliance Bernstein
  • Blackrock
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Investec
  • Invesco
  • iShares
  • MFS Investment Management
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • Prestige Funds
  • SPDR