About Us: More Than Investments

Trust Pharmacy`s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to help prepare participants for life’s most significant events The Premier Trust product was first brought to market in 2005. It has been propelled into a leadership position in the international unit-linked insurance market due to its simplicity, benefits and positive end results. Today, Premier Trust unit-linked insurance solutions are distributed in over 60 countries. During this time, the brand has introduced innovative plans that have been nominated by well-known publications for best international savings and protection plans.

The product suite is designed to help clients plan for their financial future in a simple and safe manner. In addition, Premier Trust brings accessibility to global diversification through our principal protected and flexible plans. Through these solutions, participants benefit from the world’s leading asset managers and custodians.

Premier Trust is committed to providing innovative solutions to help participants achieve financial goals for current and future generations.

  • We are an international trust pharmacy structure that enables participants to create a global portfolio of investments in a secure, confidential and accessible manner.
  • We do provide more than investments.
  • We offer our global customers flexible tools to help them pick the right path to their financial independence.

What Do We Offer

Protection and Confidence

  • Trust administration processed by independent trustee
  • Investments reside with world-class global custodians
  • Efficient tax structure
  • Protected privacy


  • Open fund platform to leverage global investment
  • Allocation bonuses and loyalty bonuses
  • Rewards program
  • Principal protected options
  • Customised investment fund portfolios to match your
    risk profile


  • Online 24/7 account management
  • Gateway to renowned global asset managers
  • Ability to liquidate investments via partial withdrawals
  • International banking services
  • Fund switching capability

Why Choose Trust Pharmacy?

  • Regular savings and lump sum contribution options
  • Medium to long term investment opportunities
  • Investment portfolios fitting every risk profile
  • Products designed to preserve client’s investments
  • Access to the world’s leading fund managers and custodians
  • Flexible and independent fund platform