Provest Plan
Freedom and Choice

Sailboat on the ocean

This plan* offers:

  • Access to some of the world’s leading fund managers
  • Online account access with unit switching capability
  • Selection of up to five (5) unit-linked allocations
  • Loyalty Bonuses** to help your savings grow faster
  • Extra Allocation Bonuses to boost your savings

Provest table

*You should view your unit-linked policy as a long-term plan. Early surrender/withdrawal of funds from your policy will result in surrender charges and the possibility of your original investment goals not being satisfied. Prior to purchasing this product, please ensure that you fully understand all of the terms of the policy including the charges and possible penalties that could apply in the event of early surrender/withdrawal. Certain conditions apply to the Loyalty Bonus. There is no loyalty bonus credited before the end of year 10. For further information please consult the Trust and Plan documents.

**All premium payments due must have been received on time for the Loyalty Bonus to take effect.

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