Premier Trust’s mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to help prepare participants for life’s most significant events
The Premier Trust product was first brought to market in 2005. It has been propelled into a leadership position in the international unit-linked insurance market due to its simplicity, benefits and positive end results. Today, Premier Trust unit-linked insurance solutions are distributed in over 60 countries. During this time, the brand has introduced innovative plans that have been nominated by well-known publications for best international savings and protection plans.

The product suite is designed to help clients plan for their financial future in a simple and safe manner. In addition, Premier Trust brings accessibility to global diversification through our principal protected and flexible plans. Through these solutions, participants benefit from the world’s leading asset managers and custodians.

Premier Trust is committed to providing innovative solutions to help participants achieve financial goals for current and future generations.

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The cash value of life insurance policies and the income from them may go down as well as up because of a number of factors, including, but not limited to, changing values of target benchmarks to which you have allocated your cash values, mutual fund market pricing, and the constant fluctuation of international currency rates of exchange. Fluctuation may be particularly marked in the case of a higher volatility products and the value of an insurance product may fall suddenly and substantially. Also, the cash values of insurance products are not guaranteed. Thus, you understand that it is possible that you may not get back the amount of your paid premium and that the past performance of insurance products is no guarantee of their future performance.


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It is the responsibility of any person accessing this Website and any person purchasing a life policy to inform themselves of and to observe fully the applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction. Premier Trust is domiciled in the British Virgin Islands. All Premier Trust life products are contracts for a beneficial interest in Premier Trust’s purchase of a master insurance policy issued by an affiliated insurance company domiciled in the Cayman Islands. All policyholder transactions in Premier Trust life products are concluded in Panama and Malaysia. Also, your country may have laws affecting your rights as a policyholder.

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